What’s the big deal???


unanswered questions - brainstorming concept

I’m only 13

                 or 17

                          or 21

I’m not seeing anyone now…

         …never been in a relationship.

                 …no plans to date anytime soon.

I’m focused on things other than the opposite sex.

…like finishing high school

         …hanging with my friends

                 …choosing a college

                          …getting my career established

                                  …living my life

Or you are in a relationship.


My boyfriend and I—that’s not what we’re about.

     All we do is kiss.

           It’s never been an issue for us.     

My girlfriend and I—we respect each other.

      We’re not that physical.

            I’m not worried.

There’s a hundred reasons…er, exuses… people have for not making a personal decision about sex.  For whatever reason, now’s not the time, they say, to worry about a commitment, a promise, or whatever.            

The truth is there’ll never be a better time than right now.

“I’ll figure it out when I need to—when it becomes an issue.”

Spur of the moment decisions are almost always wrong. Especially if said decision takes place in the arms of someone you like a lot—maybe even love.  

Making a wise, informed decision will be so much harder If you wait until the question of whether you’ll have sex is already an “issue”.

Do yourself a huge favor. Choose answer A. Save sex for marriage — before you’re face-to-face with the question

YOU  are worth waiting for.