Fun in the sun…

We’ve been having some awesome summer weather in my part of the planet. Lots of sun, less humidity than normal so, you know, you can even stand to be in the great outdoors. All topped off by evenings cool enough to enjoy a campfire.

Perfect weather for those fun outside activities we love so much—swimming, boating, and  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
BBQing; baseball,  jogging, and beach walking; hanging out with friends and simply soaking up the rays. Let’s not forget those not-so-fun things like painting the house, cleaning out the garage and tending to the yard and landscaping. Hey, next winter when we’re digging out from the first major snow, we’ll marvel at how great the new paint looks against the snow drifts and be proud that the garage interior qualifies for a photo spread in The Family Handyman (well, almost).

As you cram in all the fun you can possibly fit into the next couple weeks, remember that the laid-back nature of summer can put even the most sincere abstinence intentions in jeopardy. Here’s how you can protect yourself and your commitment.

  • Watch your curfew… or lack thereof. If an extended or abandoned curfew is part of your summer, that’s cool—it’s fun to stay out later. And if you find your days a lot freer with no school or sports, even better. But if this leaves you and your significant other with hours of alone time, beware. Be mature enough to make responsible choices and be realistic about how you spend your time.

Take up exercising. Volunteer within the community. Pitch in more around the house. Do things together, have fun—just don’t fall prey to too much free time. Don’t bail on a commitment to not have sex because you can’t say no to too much alone time.

  •  WatcHappy teenage couple at the poolh your summer wardrobe… or lack thereof. But aren’t bare-chested guys and bikini-clad girls the staples of summer? Usually, yes. And that’s not all bad if, again, you make responsible decisions.

Girls, think about how much—or how little—of you is covered in that swimsuit. Whether you’re swimming or seeking a tan, don’t let the latest trends dictate what you wear. Don’t lounge around in your swimsuit long after the water activities are over either. Change or put something on over your suit.

Same goes for shorts, tanks, halters, whatever. You realize, right, that if you’re dressing to catch a guy’s eye, it’s the body, not the person inside the body, that got his attention. You want him to be drawn to all of you, not just the outward package. So don’t wear anything you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing to, say, school or church or to meet his parents. Does that sound extreme? Maybe. But it’s easy to forget how female bodies rev up a guy’s engine. Don’t fill his mind with thoughts and images you have no intention of fulfilling.

Guys, you’re not off the hook either. While girls aren’t generally as swayed by the physical appearance, please don’t take advantage of the acceptableness of going shirt-less. Yeah, if you’re swimming or on the ‘skins’ team at the outside b-ball court, that’s one thing. But would you want to be introduced to her mom and dad without a shirt on? Probably not. So make a point of being clothed.

Yes, physical appearance makes an impression—the first time you meet and to a lesser extentbeach feet, every time you’re together. You may think what’s so bad if she likes me for my ripped chest and broad shoulders? But really, you want to impress her with who you are, more than by how you look.

Experience all the perks of summer. Enjoy the sun and hanging out with friends. But be serious about making mature, responsible decisions so you can end the season with no regrets.

I promise the WHY of saving sex for marriage is on its way soon. I should say the WHYs, plural, because there are a lot of them. Anyway, I apologize for the delay. Too much summering interrupted my schedule, but our garage looks awesome!

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