Saving Sex for Marriage in a “50 Shades of Grey” World

It’s tough to maintain sexual purity in our sex-crazed culture. And just when traditional values could really use a shot in the arm, what do we get instead? A massive assault on society’s morals.

The premiere of the movie “50 Shades of Grey” is garnering a ghastly amount of attention this Valentine’s Day weekend. Variety reports—

“The film, which began rolling out internationally on Wednesday, opened No. 1 in 56 of its 57 territories, including the U.K., France, Germany and Russia. It grossed $38 million on Friday for an early total of $66 million.”

heartsNever mind, apparently, that Valentine’s is supposed to celebrate  the love and romance in relationships, not the dominant, manipulative, and yes, even painful sexual experiences of characters who, of course, are not married. Be assured, theirs is not a story of genuine, authentic romance despite it being linked with the love/romance, hearts/candy holiday.

It’s bad enough that sex before the wedding ring is being treated as the “norm”, but that’s the least of the damage this tawdry story inflicts. Early in their relationship, Christian introduces Ana to his “Red Room of Pain” – a sort of horror chamber complete with whips and chains and other “accessories” used in the type of dominant/submissive sexual exploits he appears to live for.

It’s beyond sad—it’s absolutely heart-wrenching—that millions of people are willingly subjecting their hearts and minds to the pornographic images and scenes in this so-called romance.

I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that GOD—the one who created sex—did not intend the coming together of two bodies to be about domination, control or pain. What HE created to be an act of love, bonding and commitment bears no resemblance to the sadistic relationship on display in this erotic film.

Men, do not take your cues about how to treat women from Christian Grey. Don’t allow his warped view of GOD’s gift of 50 shadessex to influence your approach to love and romance.  Relationships should not be about power and control.

Women, do not allow Anastasia Steele’s apparent acceptance of her abusive and violent relationship to form your expectations about how men should treat you. Intimacy and sex are gifts to be treasured. Being in love should not involve dominance and pain.

Guys and gals, please, oh please, do not subject your heart and mind to the ideas and images this explicit story will etch into your being. Have nothing to do with it. And urge your friends and family to steer clear as well.  

With all the hype, you might be curious as to how explicit the movie’s scenes are or if it’s really as violent and abusive as you’ve heard. Or maybe you’re tempted to watch the movie or read the book so you have first-hand knowledge and can intelligently discuss the pros and cons. Please don’t. Just don’t.

This is all you need to know about “50 Shades of Grey”—

  • It is undeniably pornography.
  • What it promotes bears no resemblance to GOD’s design for sex.
  • No one is strong or mature enough to read or watch it without a negative impact.

If you’ve already been pulled into this so-called romantic tale, walk away. Fast. There is nothing innocent, harmless or beneficial about involvement in the “50 Shades” story.

true love MGD©It’s never been easy to keep a commitment to save sex for marriage. And the mass following the “50 Shades” empire enjoys tell me that’s not likely to change. In fact it will probably get harder.

You see, the more accustomed people become to graphic sexual scenarios in print or on the screen, the less strength they’ll have to battle sexual temptations in their own life. The blurrier the lines between right and wrong will become.

Premarital sex? Why not?

Hook-ups, multiple partners? Go for it!

An affair? No big deal.

But sex is a big deal. It will always be a big deal because that’s how GOD designed it to be.

Make no apologies when it comes to a commitment to abstinence. Be assured our sex-crazed world won’t make it easy on you, though. That’s why accountability and mentoring and boundaries are necessary. That why the tabs at the top of this page point out books and articles, organizations and groups that will support and encourage sexual purity. That’s why I welcome your questions and concerns as you navigate the often choppy waters of abstinence or renewed abstinence.

We’re in this together. And I believe in you.

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