A world that respects sex… Can you even imagine?

I don’t normally write fantasy or dystopian, but since fantastical worlds are all the rage these days, I thought I’d try my hand at creating an other-worldly place. A place where I’d like to live.

A world inhabited by humans—people just like you and me—not oddly configured creatures or super heroes. Just ordinary guys and gals.

Here’s what my world would look like…

The entire society would be molded around the principle that sex is a gift. From GOD. An incredibly special gift with very specific purposes. One, to create a glue-like bond Two Wedding Rings Resting On A Bible Pagewithin marriage between a husband and a wife and two, to make babies.

This society would commit to teaching its people the truth about the amazing powers this gift possesses. Extreme care would be taken to educate on the need to guard and cherish this awesome gift.  

Sex would be held up as something sacred. It would be understood that sex is more than simply a pleasurable physical act. Not that its enjoyment would be discounted. Oh no. But because it’s so good, sex would be protected from anything or anyone who would try to abuse it.

Sex would be respected. There would be absolutely no using sex as material for crude innuendos, dirty jokes, or trash talk.

marry-me-sandSaving sex for marriage would be the “norm”. Guys and girls alike would put huge effort toward this goal. Because they really understood what sex was all about, people would want to wait.

Friends would encourage each other to postpone the pleasures of sexual intimacy for marriage. They’d hold each other accountable and make a big deal about it. Why? Because they believed that waiting was worth it.

The temptation to indulge in sex before a marriage commitment would still exist. But the expectation that sex was for only after the “I do’s” would be a major incentive to wait. So much support and encouragement would surround the idea of waiting that it would be like a 12-step program. This ultimate group effort would protect the purposes that sex was created for.

Sounds like pretty much the opposite of today’s world, wouldn’t you say?

But think about it…

If everyone saved sex for marriage, then no one would have to drag around the baggage casual sex leaves behind. The guilt, the memories, the heartache.

Babies wouldn’t be born to moms and dads who haven’t made a “for better or for worse” commitment.

There wouldn’t be more than 1 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases diagnosed every year.

saving-sex-for-marraige-1Future marriages wouldn’t be saddled with remembrances and expectations from past sexual experiences.

Can you even imagine how incredible that would be?

But that’s not our reality. And here’s why. Sex has been so trivialized that waiting until after the “I do’s” is seen as unnecessary and unimportant. Even worse, being a virgin on the wedding night is deemed, by too many, to be ridiculous or dumb.

The “test drive” theory has chipped away at the ideal of waiting, by maintaining that saving sex for marriage is actually a bad idea.  Wow, is that sad and so not true.

By all means, test drive that Jeep or sports car or 4-wheel drive truck, but do not apply this tactic to sexual intimacy. The try-before-you-buy theory is the absolute wrong way to approach sex. Whatever needs to be discovered about the mechanics of sex can happen after the wedding.

Sex is not a mode of transportation. It’s the joining of two hearts and minds and bodies in what is intended to be the most intimate experience two people can share.

Sketch of dancing couple. Vector illustration

How different our world would be if people just understood all of this and made decisions based on these truths.

Would you like to live in my world?

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