Remind me again—where do babies come from?

Oh, yeah, I remepregnancymber. Sex—that’s where babies come from.

Well, duh. Everyone knows that.

Hmm. Really, do they? Because there’s a whole lot of sex happening between people who do not want a baby and have no means to provide for a baby. Guys and girls who haven’t a clue if their connection to each other might last to see the first birthday of the child their actions may create.

But we’re careful—we use birth control.

No form of birth control is 100% effective even when used properly every single time. The risk of pregnancy still exists.

Have you stopped to think how an unplanned pregnancy would affect your life? Your partner’s life? Your plans for the future? Your partner’s plans for the future?

If I get pregnant/she gets pregnant, we’ll figure it out.

A pregnancy will affect every day of the rest of your lives. Every minute of every day. Absolutely nothing changes your world like becoming a parent.

Babies are sweet and cute and cudOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdly and precious. Without a doubt.

Babies require huge amounts of time and money and energy and wisdom. Boy, do they.

Bottom line:  Lots and lots of people haven’t given nearly enough thought to the fact that the physical intimacy they are or want to be engaging in has the potential to create a life.

Sex exists for two very specific reasons. To create a deep and lasting bond between two people committed to uniting their lives and to make babies.

Think about it. Doesn’t the act that creates a new life deserve heaping amounts of respect? Shouldn’t it be approached with caution and reverence and only after making a life-long commitment?

sex reasons quoteWhen you’re tempted to lower your standards and back out of your commitment to save sex  (or future sexual experiences) for marriage, ask yourself this:  Am I in a position to raise a child?

 If you’re not convinced that it’s wise to choose to say NO, from now on, to sex and save future sexual experiences for marriage, answer this: How would a baby change my life?

Saving sex for marriage will eliminate the risk of pregnancy before marriage.

Another important reason WHY it makes sense to wait. See my last post for the first WHY in saving sex for marriage.

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