About Me

Beth-103When not engrossed in my search for bio relatives for herself and other adoptees, I’m immersed in the YA world via substitute teaching, connecting with the teenage staff at the fast food joint where I claim the back booth as my office, and reading YA fiction. 

Call me a”cheerleader ” for saving sex for marriage! My “Waiting Matters … Because YOU Matter” blog series helps people of all ages navigate the choppy waters of saving sex for marriage. Candid discussions, no topics off-limit. We talk about it all. The packaged blog posts are available in several small “Waiting Matters” volumes, in both digital and print.

The first novel in my young adult “Choices Matter” series is now available also. “before I knew you” follows 17-year-old Preston and Maggie through the most challenging year of their lives.

Follow the incredible search for my biological family in the blog series “A Doorstep Baby’s Search for Answers.” DNA has opened wide the sealed doors to long-held adoption secrets. Walk with me through the most intriguing year of my life. The good, the great, the sorrowful, the stranger-than-fiction true story, the looking ahead to a new reality. Get a ring-side seat.

The “Slices of Real Life” blog series seeks to find GOD in the day-to-day moments of real life. Life is tough, complicated, and wonderful all at the same time. And HE is everywhere. Nothing takes HIM by surprise.

Have questions or a topic for discussion? I want to hear from you! Your thoughts, your experiences, your questions. Comment on a post OR email me at waitingmatters@gmail.com.