About Me!


 Call me a “cheerleader for abstinence”!

I’m passionate about abstinence and believe strongly in accountability and mentoring as crucial tools to success in saving sex for marriage.


Never too late concept


I’m equally as passionate about “renewed abstinence”. Whether you’ve had sex once or a hundred times, it’s never to late to say “NO” and choose to save future sexual experiences for marriage. “Don’t let your past make your future decisions.”


I hope to shine a strong and steady light on the choice most of the world will tell you isn’t worth the hassle. I promise to be upfront with you. Expect practical applications and honest insights. Let’s walk together in your journey to save sex–or further sexual experiences–for marriage.

Because SEX is worth waiting for. YOU are worth waiting for.

I want to hear from you! Your thoughts, your experiences, your questions. Comment on a post OR email me at waitingmatters@gmail.com. Follow this blog via email (top of the right hand column) so you’ll be notified each time a new post goes up.

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