Check out these groups

Check out these blogs and Facebook pages that promote abstinence.

Phylicia Delta

Phylicia Delta

Approaching Grace in Red Heels

Modesty is Hot

GOD writing

GOD is writing your story…

waiting boaz

Waiting for your Boaz


abstience til

Abstinence Until Marriage

worth the wait

It’s worth the wait. Becoming God’s Men and Women in Waiting.

purity rocks

Purity ROCKS

no sex



Stand For Purity

why won't

Why? Won’t U? Wait?

Pure Dating Tips

ruby gals

Ruby Gals

man up

Man Up Gods Way

Waiting For God’s Best


  1. Check out my other group: SINGLE LADIES! GOD is writing your story…..
    This group is about Christian dating, and understanding what to do while you wait…
    – Building a closer relationship with GOD
    – What is GOD’s purpose for you
    – Understanding your internal issues ( Self-esteem)( Changing your dating habits)
    – How to Christian date, What does that mean and how is it done? How to prepare for GOD’s mate for you….
    – Learning how to stop trying writing your own story. ( Be still and Let GOD)
    Letting single women know that there are other woman dealing with the same issues. This is group is meant to support and teach single woman. The married woman have chosen because they are Christians and have been married for a long period of time. They can share GOD’s word and share their experience how they stayed pure and dealt with being single.
    The lectures I am posting is researched, and are things I am learning through Christian classes and books. Which have been aligned with the bible.



  1. Saving Sex for Marriage in a “50 Shades of Grey” World | Waiting Matters... Because YOU Matter

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