Monthly Archives: June, 2015

“But we’re getting married soon—it’s basically a done deal. So it’s hardly even premarital sex.”

“I mean, the ring is on her finger. The church is booked. The dress—it’s being altered as we speak. So come on, we waited this long. What can it hurt?” Maybe the question shouldn’t be “What can it hurt?” but rather “What will it help?” How will having sex now—2 days or 2 weeks or …

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Because SEX is supposed to be the MORTAR

I love, love, love when a guy gets real and deep about… the sad reality of how our world views sex GOD’s awesome design for sex Mike Donehey does that and more with this great, visual analogy …I want to say to anyone single out there, don’t believe the lie you have to let them …

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“But since we really love each other, sex is okay, right? That has to mean somethin’…”

But we love each other is probably the most common rationalization for disregarding the advice to save sex for after the “I do’s”. After all, people passionately insist, wasn’t sex specifically designed for people who love each other? Well, yes, it was but— See? We’re good because we really do love each other. And if …

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