Because SEX is supposed to be the MORTAR

I love, love, love when a guy gets real and deep about…

  1. the sad reality of how our world views sex
  2. GOD’s awesome design for sex

Mike Donehey does that and more with this great, visual analogy

…I want to say to anyone single out there, don’t believe the lie you have to let them sample the milk to buy the cow.  It’s simply not true.  In fact, I’ve witnessed it over and over again, more often than not, when you get physical too quickly, it only clouds how connected you really are. I believe the physical was really meant to be the cement on top of the foundation of emotional and spiritual connection, not the other way around. Mortar works best when you have bricks already to work with.

Read his entire post “The Bacholette, the Currency of Sex and the Spirit of Divorce”  

Great stuff, Mike. Thanks.