The “Waiting Matters” series

Calling all fans of the “Waiting Matters . . . Because YOU Matter” blog!  

Now you can get all the practical advice and candid discussions of the “Waiting Matters . . .” posts packaged into mini-books, just the right size to slip in your purse, backpack, or locker. OR download the ebooks to your phone or ereader. Either way, it’s helpful tips and encouragement right at your fingertips. 

Grouped together in a discussion-friendly, topical format, each mini-book is perfect for a youth group or accountability small group study. Need 10 or more books? Contact me about a discount. 


beth 2“A world that respects sex . . . ”

Can you imagine a society molded around the principle that sex is a gift? An awesomely amazing gift from GOD? You know, the guy who created it?
A place where people totally get that sex is more than simply a pleasurable physical act.
Oh, everyone knows that sex is incredible. But because it’s so good, sex is protected from anything or anyone who would try to abuse it.
Can you even imagine such a place?
Barely, right?
Because instead, ours is a “Fifty Shades of Grey” world where sex has been so trivialized that saving sex for marriage is labeled old-fashioned, unnecessary, unimportant. Even worse ridiculous or dumb.
But I’m here to convince you that GOD’s design for sex is amazing.
That waiting does matter.
That sex is worth saving for marriage.
Even in this Fifty Shades world.

z update  Saving sex for marriage is the best decision  you’ll ever make.

No matter who you are, how old you are, or where you live. Doesn’t even matter what’s in your past.

“But I already didn’t wait!”

Then a commitment to “renewed waiting” is the second-best choice you’ll ever make. Nothing makes more sense than stopping behavior that puts you at risk physically, emotionally, and mentally.

“But it’s hard to wait . . . ”

Of course it is. Waiting is tough, but it’s not impossible. You can do it.

These practical strategies and candid conversations from the “Waiting Matters . . . Because YOU Matter” blog series will help you navigate the choppy waters of saving sex for marriage.

Because sex is worth waiting for. You are worth waiting for.


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Both series are available in paperback and ebook.