This Blog’s for You

At the risk of being labeled crazy, out of touch with reality, living in the dark ages or simply an old fogey, I have to be up front with you about why I created the “Waiting Matters…Because YOU Matter” blog. My first two posts left little doubt as to where I stand on the issue of sex before marriage. But it’s time for the blunt truth.


I believe that sex is an amazing gift God created for one man and one woman, committed to each other in marriage, to share for the rest of their lives. I believe in white wedding dresses that stand for purity. I believe in virgin brides and virgin grooms experiencing sex for the first time on their wedding night.

Before you roll your eyes and direct your mouse toward the X in the upper corner of your screen, I ask—no, I implore you to STOP. Withdraw your hand. Relax back in your seat. And listen.

It’s okay if you think I’m nuts, even if you’ve called me names you can’t repeat in front of your grandma. Really, I won’t hold it against you. Promise. Just please listen.

I get that waiting is hard. I know that you’re led to believe that no one waits anymore. That being experienced is better than saving yourself. I understand the world you live in. To label it a jungle doesn’t even come close. But not everyone is doing it. Not all guys are into hooking up. Not all girls have an agenda.

If you’re committed to waiting, you probably feel you’re in the minority. And you probably are. But what you have to remind yourself—every day, maybe every hour—is that decisions about sex are life-altering choices that no one else should try to make for you. Oh, people—even the ones who claim to care about you—will nudge and push, pressure and coerce. But you can do it. You can remain pure.

There’s something else I believe in. And that’s second chances. I believe a person’s past doesn’t have to dictate their future decisions. There’s really only one first time, but it’s never too late to make a decision to save future sexual experiences for marriage. Renewed abstinence takes a determined commitment and lots of support and encouragement, but you can do it! No matter what’s in your past, it is possible to choose now to WAIT.

No matter where you stand on the subject, this blog is for you. Really, it is. If you’re not sold on abstinence, I ask you to hang out here, with an open mind, and give some thought to the notion that waiting does matter. If your commitment to abstinence is strong, I hope you’ll stick around for encouragement and support on your journey. And if you’re stuck somewhere in the middle not sure where to plant your feet, this is the place for getting it figured out.

Abstinence concept.

Every week I’ll write about the who, what, when, where, how and why of saving sex for marriage. I won’t beat around the bush. No skirting the tough questions or skimming over touchier aspects of this life-changing matter. I’ll be honest and upfront and open. I hope you will be, too, starting with the poll below.

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