The gift that says, “I get it.”

If you’re looking for something meaningful and relevant for the hard-to-shop-for teenagers and young adults in your life, consider these gifts that send the  powerful message, “I get it.”

Whether these teens and YAers are your friends, your siblings, your co-workers OR you fill the role of parent, teacher, or mentor in their life, show them that you understand their world. That you know making grown-up, life-altering decisions is hard. That wading through the excuses and lies about relationships and dating and sex is a daily thing for them. Prove that you understand. Show them that you “get it”. 

The “Waiting Matters” series offers no-holds-barred, candid discussions full of practical, realistic tips about saving sex for marriage. Topics include:

Book 1: “saving sex for marriage in a Fifty Shades world” 

  • HOW far is too far?
  • WHY save sex for marriage?
  • WHY wait? It’s all about the bonding
  • WHO can you trust?
  • WHAT if it’s already too late?

Book 2: “the who, what, when, where, how, and why of saving sex for marriage” 

  • “But everyone else is doin’ it. Why should I wait?”
  • “Yeah, we’re having sex but we’re a couple, so it’s okay.”
  • “But since we really love each other, sex is okay, right?”
  • “But we’re getting married soon, it’s basically a done deal.”

 A real deal at just $3.99 each for the paperback OR $.99 each for the e-book. Both are FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited.


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The “Choices Matter” series — realistic contemporary YA fiction

Both guys and gals will relate to the realistic, candid, and relevant cast of high school-aged characters in “before I knew you”, as they navigate choices and consequences in the choppy waters of friendship, dating relationships, saving sex for marriage, and “renewed waiting”.


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I won’t do anything illegal or immoral. Just hanging out. No big deal.” Muttering to an empty room, I grabbed an Indianapolis Colts sweatshirt and opened my bedroom door to scope out the hall. Right toward Mom’s and Dad’s room, left toward my brother Patrick’s.

The hall was empty. Good.

I found Mom in the kitchen rinsing the supper dishes. “Hangin’ with the guys tonight, Mom. Won’t be too late.” Not that an almost seventeen-year-old should have to report his every move to his mom, but considering what I’d put my parents through last year, it wouldn’t kill me.

“Okay, Preston.” She tapped my arm with wet fingers. “Have fun.”

I zipped toward the front door, hoping to avoid Patrick’s older brother advice.

“No big deal.” More muttering, to convince myself there was nothing wrong with a night of hanging out with the guys. As I jabbed the key into the ignition, I scanned the front of the Jacoby family, ranch-style house.

Patrick filled the doorway, his arms crossed, a menacing glare shooting from his narrowed eyes.

I jerked away from his obvious disapproval and backed onto the street in my hand-me-down Honda Accord that would scream middle class in Jake Nelson’s east side neighborhood.

Chapter 1 


What reader are saying about “before I knew you”

  •  Steury has the marvelous ability to get into the mind of an average teen. There are no easy answers in real life, and you won’t find any syrup-sweet resolutions in this book. But it’s a great read. – Linda Samaritoni 
  • The book is realistic . . . The little mystery kept me turning the pages. Suspense builds throughout the book. The end is bittersweet, finishes the story well, and leaves you hoping for more. The author knows teen culture. I’ve been telling the people I know to read this book. – Chassidy W.
  •  The scenarios are realistic and relatable, and Steury accurately captures the teenage voice as well as the drama, angst, etc. The pace is quick, thanks to relatively short chapters. The story is well-written overall, and there is just a touch of mystery thrown in. It will be interesting to see what happens next, as the ending does pave the way for the sequel. – JBJNYG
  •  Although “before I knew you” addressed the Christian perspective, it’s not all about that. It’s about choices. The story was drama played out with a bit of mystery. – Harold Wolf
  •  “before I knew you” gets real with high school romance. With a well done romantic plot, both characters are deeply developed and provide fascinating insight into the turbulence that lies beneath the seemingly placid surface of high school romance. Don’t judge by its cover, teens of both genders will enjoy this one. – CBTT

 A bargain at $11.99 for the paperback and $2.99 for the e-book and FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited.

“Choices Matter” book #2, “because I know you” will be available early in 2019!!

“Waiting Matters” book #3, “but I didn’t wait . . .” will also be available in 2019!

Aren’t the teenagers and young adults in your life worth the investment? All three books less than 20 bucks (Amazon pricing, before tax). 

The gift that says, “I get it!”