Walking into the New Year

It was the year of footwear around our Christmas tree this December 25th. Each one of us received a pair of socks in the stockings filled with care in the moments between our traditional brunch and the gathering around the decorated tree to exchange gifts. The 20181225_210456socks, a customary item tucked alongside a new toothbrush and a sampling of favorite candy—the irony of which is commented on by someone every year.

The men among our group of seven each received additional foot attire depending on the requests included on his Christmas list or the knowledge of the chief gift buyer concerning his need for such items and/or his tendency to wear thin his socks and shoes in record time.

Work boots. Skating shoes. Hiking boots. All size 13. A variety of gym/work/dress socks, in men’s “extended size”, except for the wee lad who has some growin’ to do before his feet require a size 13, like his dad, his uncle, and his “pop”.



Words of appreciation and expressions of enthusiastic satisfaction echoed around the room as each shoe and boot was declared a good fit. I’m happy to report our feet will be warm, dry, and well-clad in the days ahead.

On this eve before 2019 greets us, as my toes wriggle warmly inside the new socks I received, my thoughts stretch ahead to the shiny, new year just hours away.

What are you looking forward to in 2019? What might you be dreading or fearful of?  How do you plan to “walk” into the new year? 

Last year I chose the word UNAFRAID as my word for the year. Although a good choice, I didn’t take advantage of it’s full potential. Not as much as I had hoped to. As I should have.

I tried to look up synonyms for “super unafraid”–because that’s what I want to be in 2019. As you can imagine, that wasn’t all that helpful. But I came across what, to me, was a stronger version of unafraid: UNDAUNTED.

That’s it. Undaunted. That’s going to be my word for 2019. I plan to “walk” boldly, with confidence and determination, committed to making the most of my time, my talents, and my energy. Focused on and devoted to the people, relationships, causes, and projects most important to me. Not held back by the fear of what could happen. Or might not happen. Unafraid to follow GOD’s guidance and direction. But rather, secure and trusting in HIS wisdom and HIS power at work in me.

Welcome, 2019.  I’m walking undaunted to meet you.