What the world will never tell you about saving sex for marriage

A “Waiting Matters” post

I’m excited to share with you the October issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine, featuring my article–

“Why Abstain from Sex Before Marriage:

What No One Tells You About the Benefits of Waiting”



Find the article beginning on page 6

Thank you, Faith Filled Family Magazine, for your desire to dig deep into the issue of saving sex for marriage. They put out a call for an article that would go beyond the typical reasons for abstinence, like avoiding STIs and pregnancy.

Tackle the spiritual and emotional issues of not saving sex for marriage, they instructed.

I bet you’re not surprised that I jumped at the chance to don my “cheerleader” gear and discuss the reasons GOD created sex and why HE instructs that saving sex for marriage is the best choice .

Well, it’s all there in the article. Do check it out along with the rest of the magazine.

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