Sequel to “before I knew you” releases!

Preston’s & Maggie’s story continues in . . .

“because I know you”

I know I stretched that “coming soon . . . ” thing a bit far, but the sequel to “before I knew you” is finally here!

Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook Monday, August 12.

To celebrate, and because you really don’t want to miss out on the beginning of Preston & Maggie’s story, “before I knew you” will be a FREE Amazon E-book TODAY – Friday, August 12-16!


FREE Kindle BIKY August 19

And because I’m so excited, the “Waiting Matters” E-books will be FREE, too!


FREE Kindle Waiting Matters August 19

ALL my  books are also available in paperback from Amazon: the novels are $11.99 and the booklets $3.99. ALL books are FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited! Reviews are appreciated–they are my best reward!

Share your thoughts as you read through either series. Tell me what you think will happen next OR ask a question about the writing life. I love to hear from readers!