Reflecting and looking forward…

Are you still feasting on Christmas yummies, stuffing yourself with your favorite holiday treats? Or maybe you’re to the point of shoving those annoying leftovers into the garbage disposal. At my house, we’re a bit sad the time for indulging is coming to an end.


As we try to ignore the little extra padding clinging to our waistlines, our thoughts are straying past the fun and excitement of Christmas toward what’s around the corner.


A new year.

A clean slate.

Whether you’re the resolution-making type or not, about this time of year, almost everyone finds themselves reflecting on the past and looking toward what’s ahead.

Will it be a good year? Better than the last one? Worse?

A fresh, new start or the same old junk from the past?

Regardless of your past failures or mistakes, I challenge you to make your 2014 about SEXUAL PURITY.

Whether it’s your first commitment to abstinence, an annual renewal of your pledge or a giant leap toward renewed abstinence, you won’t regret making sexual purity a priority in 2014.

I know you can do it. I believe in you.

Here’s some tips for getting started.

Decide right now you’ll be the one making the decisions about your sex life. Not your friends. Not the special someone in your life. For sure not the sex-selling media or society in general. YOU.

Surround yourself with supporters—people who will encourage you, spur you on to success, hold you accountable. Pledge to do the same for someone else and become a strong force for purity!

Believe in yourself. YOU are worth waiting for. Whether you’re a virgin or you’ve had sex a hundred times, save your next sexual experience for the wedding night.

Follow this blog for no-holds-barred chats and suggestions as we continue discussing the WHEN, WHERE, HOW and WHY of saving sex for marriage. Invi2014 quotete your friends and all of you jump in the discussion.

Remember, just because something is difficult—really tough even—doesn’t mean you should give up. In fact, the most worthwhile things are seldom easy. That’s the way life works.

I’d love to hear from you! In a comment (see comment button under this post’s title) or in a private email ( tell me about your 2013, your commitment for 2014, whatever.