The “WHERE” of saving sex for marriage…


If saving sex for marriage is a priority in your life, you already know the “where” of anything related to guy/girl relationships matters. Right?

Of course you do. It matters sooooo much.

Because “wheres” like the two of you being home alone or snuggled up in a cozy car can spell trouble.

Make-out, hook-up or hang out parties take trouble to an entirely different level.

Hanging out in bedrooms is a huge no-no—whether someone’s home or not.

Let’s not forget the parents-are-gone-for-the-weekend-so-the-house-is-empty situation. Bad. Very bad.

But you already know all this. Because you’re wise enough to know, in both your heart and head, that all of the above situations put your commitment to wait for sex in jeopardy. You get it.

Oh, one or both of you may think “what’s the big deal?” And, while it is possible to find yourselves in a scenario like this and not get yourselves in deep trouble, do you want to take that risk?

You will be sooooo tempted to rationalize—you know, so the situation doesn’t look so iffy and you don’t feel so guilty. It might sound or look something like this…

We’ll only kiss a little...
But a couple kisses turn into a lot of kisses…
Soon we’re pressed together, stretched out on the couch.
He eases my shirt up. I don’t want the amazing kissing to stop.
This is still okay.

We can handle a little alone time…
I convinced him it would be fine.
Mom and dad would be home soon anyway.
But things got pretty hot pretty fast. Like incredibly fast.
And Mom and Dad didn’t come home soon…

Just because everyone else makes out, doesn’t mean we have to…
“Let’s stick around a while…” His lips brush against my ear and his arm tugs me closer.
A scan of the room quickens my pulse. Hushed whispers have replaced loud conversations and a slow, romantic song pulses through the house.Snuggling couples are everywhere. Some pretty intense making out is already going on.
So we stay a little while. What’s the harm? 

imagesLet’s be totally honest.

It almost never ends with “a little kissing.”

Being alone creates an intensely tempting situation.

Group settings where the featured activity is making out, or worse, are no better.

You want to be alone—to get all close and cozy. It’s normal to want that. That’s why you have to be extra careful about the “where”.

  • Plan where you’ll go ahead of time. A “no plan” evening is a recipe for trouble.
  • Choose double dates OR group activities with others who also want to limit compromising situations.
  • It’s not lame to hang out with Mom, Dad and those young siblings who think you’re so cool. A family dinner, movie or game night let’s you be together without the temptation of being alone.
  • Make a pact not to hang out in the car before, during or after a date. Extend that to bedrooms, too, with no exceptions.

Being mindful of the “where” will help you keep that commitment OR re-commitment to save sex for marriage. I know you can do it.

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