A Word about Valentine’s Day…

A quick word about Valentine’s Day, if you please. I’m excited about your spending this February 14 with that special someone. heartsBut the word I have for you is CAUTION.

Caution, why? It’s not like Valentine’s Day is dangerous.

Well… yes and no.

True, Valentine’s Day isn’t considered dangerous in the be-careful-not-to-break-your-neck kind of way. Unless of course you live in the half (maybe ¾) of the country covered in ice and snow right now then the possibility of falling and breaking something is quite real. But it’s not like the 4th of July where a warning about the dangers of burning off your fingers is more than appropriate.

Valentine’s Day can be dangerous in more subtle ways.

Like if you spend a bunch of money you don’t really have OR confuse romance with the need for physical intimacy.

“But it’s VALENTINE’S DAY!” You protest. Loudly.

I get it. You want to create an impressive memory. Celebrate that you’re finally together. Bask in the amazingness of your relationship. Deepen your connection.

Of course you do.

file0001467164125Just remember that romance has less to do with copious amounts of money spent OR the pushing-slash-crossing of physical intimacy lines, and more to do planning something thoughtful, considerate and unique to your relationship. Doesn’t have to be big or complicated. Something as simple as …

  • bake his favorite dessert with a promise to do so every week
  • re-create the magic of your first date or the moment you met
  • decorate a handmade card filled with all the reasons the two of you make sense
  • plant sweet little notes for your special someone to find throughout the day
  • gas her car, check the tire pressure, fill the windshield washer fluid
  • willingly and enthusiastically watch an entire ball game, action movie or whatever he loves that you really don’t love, complete with a ready supply of his favorite snacks

Romance doesn’t have to involve a lot of money or physical passion. Go for thoughtful and unique. And have a great day!

Share your simple, romantic Valentine’s Day ideas with us in a comment!


  1. T.J. Akers

    Keep sharing, you never know who’s listening.


  2. My husband would be most likely to do the “gas her car, check the tire pressure, fill the windshield washer fluid.”

    I think I’ll take your advice and make him a dessert. 🙂


    • It’s the little things that count, right, Lisa?


  3. Our anniversary is the 18th, so the 2 days usually get combined. That’s okay because it reminds me of our red and white wedding which makes a great memory


    • I bet those colors made for a beautiful wedding. Happy anniversary!!


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