Kerrionne’s Story – There is Beauty in Waiting

I loved the transparency in Kerrionne’s story so much, I wanted to share it on Waiting Matters…

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We live in a world that paints the picture that very few people are abstaining from sex until marriage, but as I travel the nation with the Silver Ring Thing ministry sharing this message of Christ centered abstinence, I have noticed that this picture is false. Not only are people making this decision to abstain, but there are many that are in support of this message and are willing to sacrifice much to paint a new picture of sexuality in America.

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For me personally, waiting was not always a part of my plan. My parents were both teenage parents; my mom was pregnant with her first child at age 17 and had two children by age 19. My father began dealing drugs when I was a baby to provide for the family and continued up until he was murdered when…

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